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like our pictures of Rome?

...it's okay if you don't, but if you did, you can of course download one of our scans absolutely free, (just credit Romebuddy.com with copyright if you get a spare minute, we're quite cool about it). Or alternatively you could click here to visit our little shop window of 'Romabilia', which usually features one or two of our favourite shots - we change around the selection from time to time, and we have to say, these original large format photographic hand prints made from the negatives are twenty-eight tons better than the scans. If you can't find what you want, just email us with the name of the image you'd like an original print of.

By the way, if the link doesn't lead you to anywhere special, don't blame me - I'm just the doorman - those meanies at Romebuddy only give me five dollars a day plus tips... why should I care about keeping the links up to date?

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