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We've lived in Rome for over two years now, and it's been exasperating at times. I can think of a number of places where I've been tearing my hair out because of the service, or lack of it. Y'know, places like shops, bars, restaurants, and of course not forgetting the dear Italian Post Office, where I spent half and hour this morning queuing for just one postage stamp (but that was my mistake - Italians DON'T queue!)

Oh, and BlockBuster Video, (yeah they have it here too) who treat me like a tourist and charge me something different every time I hire a movie off them, but always more than I should pay. I've written to head office in the States for an explanation of this, but, no reply, so this page is where justice is served...

Nevertheless, it wouldn't be fair not to admit that we have also made many friends here. A lot of people have been good to us, done us favours, or given great service, so this is where we return the favour. Some have begged, pleaded or even paid (wow!) to get a mention on We're not actually endorsing any of the places we might link to from this site - This isn't the Michelin Guide, your experience may be different from ours, and everybody's tastebuds are different. This part of the site is simply about mutual co-operation - We help people here in Rome find new clientele who'll appreciate the service they offer, and we help visitors to Rome like you to find places to go that just might make your stay here more memorable. That's what these links are for...

So - you wanna restaurant? Check out:

Taverna Parione -
a stone's throw from Piazza Navona, in the fabulous west central area of the city

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