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Visiting Rome?

Moving to Rome even? Or just dreaming about it?
Whatever, it's not so much a case of whether you're in Italy or not - It's whether you know how to have a good time. As they say, a party's what you make of it - and so is Rome. So is England for that matter.
Whatever, you can enter Romebuddy through the door on the right...
before you do, ask yourself why you want to enter - What are you expecting from Rome? What do you think it's like to live and work in Rome in the 21st century? Perhaps you'll find out as you surf through
Basically, there are only two reasons why people come to Rome: for love, or money. (the clever ones among us come for both)
So simply regard this website as a bit of a dinner party. You'll hear about Romans and you'll hear about Brits. You'll hear both sides of the story- for and against Rome.... as well as practical advice on getting by in Rome, or Italy in general.

Little known facts about Rome Number 38.
On Monday mornings most of the shops are shut, so because it's slightly quieter in town, the film-crews move in. If you want to go celebrity-spotting or find yourself as a film-extra in the latest blockbuster, then hit Rome early on any Monday. The pic above shows a grand piano being winched through an apartment window for an interior scene.

The important thing to remember is that this website is not supposed to be a conventional 'tourist's guide to Rome' - You won't find information here about how old the Vatican is, or what bus to take to get to the La Bocca di la Verita, or any lists of five star restaurants; There are plenty of other websites providing this kind of information, and we do provide links to one or two of them for your increased benefit. But what Romebuddy is really all about is telling you what it's actually like to be a Briton or American living in Rome, and suggesting places you can visit to try and get the best out of the place. As well as praising and glorifying the style and culture of this beautiful city, we also dish quite a bit of dirt on it! But above all, we want you to have a good time in Rome.
There's also other stuff at Romebuddy which doesn't have so much to do with Rome as it does with the general ethos of the team here, that is, we're concerned with beauty, culture, style and art, things which Rome and Romans exhibit a lot of. Anyone looking for style and beauty in Rome will probably appreciate it in other areas as well, so if you consider yourself a bit of an aesthete, follow the links dotted around the site to discover some of the most stylish and beautiful sites on the Web.
And do join in please. It's a party! Goodness, what's e-mail for if not for firing off some flaming hot rebuttals, or words of wholehearted agreement? As we say in Rome, "respond passionately, or not at all". We will post those of your comments and stories we find the most amusing or helpful, up on the site somewhere. (with the usual disclaimer of course, you know, the one that goes 'not all the opinions expressed in this website are those held by the editors, and we accept no responsibility for advice herein given, etc, etc...) let us know your own experiences of visiting Rome, especially long term visits.
Oh, and one last thing before we start. To see at it's best, make sure your IE4 Browser Font Size is set to 'Medium'. Also, do yourself a BIG favour: Change your browser's default proportional font to Arial Narrow, or some similar sans-serif font - You'll find it makes every website you'll ever visit look twenty-eight times cooler than it does in Times Roman.