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Actually, to be quite honest, I'm not much help at all.
I can't even speak Italian.
Snack ©Copyright Lake Photography 1998

A hot-dog stand at the Roman Forum. Yes it does spoil the view rather - On the other hand, Rome can be pretty knackering and thirsty work for a tourist on a hot summer day. Snack bars and trollies abound at all the beauty spots, which is better than the catering provision I can think of at a number of British tourist spots. Expect to pay at least two dollars for a coke on the street, but you'll certainly find you need it

I also refuse to drive in Rome (They're all nutters!)
But what we are trying to do here is put down as much
information of the sort which can help you get by in Italy.
Did you know for instance that if you're planning to stay
long-termish in Italy, you must report this fact to the police
within a week of your arrival and obtain a special permit
to stay here. And don't think that being British (ie, an
EEC citizen) makes you exempt from all this palaver - it doesn't.
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