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So you hate Rome do you?

That's a bit strong isn't it? Are you sure?
I mean, I have a few things against the place myself
but I couldn't actually bring myself to say that I hate it.
Anyway, this part of the site is really just supposed
to be a bit of light relief from all that 'in praise of
mediterranean cooking' guff. On this page and those
which link to it, we redress the balance a little with a
few moans about Rome and Italy in general.

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Inhabitants of Rome are never sure if they're living in a museum or a demolition site! True, where else in the world can you walk past some of the finest and most ancient surviving architecture on your way to work every day. Unfortunately, with constant excavation and preservation of these buildings going on, the city of Rome allows the rest of the public services to run in largely underfunded and undermanaged chaos. It's a classic case of not having your cake and eating it, the love/hate relationship that Roman citizens have for their extraordinary city, which is what RomeLife Website is all about really.

If you have a 'RomeMoan' of your own, then mail it
We'll post the more interesting,
amusing, profound, or downright undisputably succinct
observations on the downside of Italy.
And if some of this stuff gets you hot under the collar, remember it's just the bigoted ramblings ofhe
an old trueblue Brit - And what do the British know about anything? By all means, flame us if you'd like.

Italy Likes & Dislikes
Petty Crime
Roman Driving
Civil Liberties
Diary of a Romebuddy

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