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The British Consulate, Rome

The Consulate is part of the British Embassy in Rome.
Her Majesty’s Consul and his staff are here to look
after the interests of British nationals living within
or visiting the consular district, which includes
Abruzzo, Lazio, Molise and Sardinia.

Office Hours:
The office, Via Settembre 80a is open to the public
on Monday to Friday between 09.15hrs and 13.30hrs.
Outside those hours until 1900, in the event
of an emergency that cannot wait until the
next working day, telephone one of the Embassy
numbers (06) 482 5441 or (06) 482 5551. Outside
normal working hours, in the event of an
emergency that cannot wait until the next
working day, telephone (06) 482 5400/8893.
You will then be contacted by the Consular
Duty Officer within one hour.

The consular section is unable to help in obtaining
permits or finding employment or accommodation.


What The Consulate Can Do:

In the event of local difficulties consular staff
can do the following:

If arrested:
Visit you in custody as soon as possible after
notification of arrest; provide a list of local lawyers;
give advice on local procedures; liaise with local
authorities to provide a doctor if necessary;
notify your next-of-kin if wished.
Serious illness or accident:
Contact the hospital within two hours of
notification; if the hospital is local, we can visit
you within 24 hours. If you are not accompanied
by relatives or friends and if you so request we
can ask the Foreign and Commonwealth office
to contact your next of kin.
If the next-of-kin are not with the deceased, we
can ask the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
to contact them; give advice about the
arrangements for the burial or repatriation of the
Advise on procedures for transferring money
quickly from the UK or elsewhere. Contact
friends/relatives/banks if other channels are
unavailable; in a genuine emergency arrange
for the FCO to accept deposits for local payment.
Can, as a last resort and after exhaustive enquiries,
arrange repatriation at public expense, against
an undertaking to repay.

Additional information for British Nationals:

If you lose or are robbed of your British passport,
the Italian police are the first point of contact for
reporting the loss or theft of documents, property
or money. They will give you a multi-language
form called a ‘denuncia’ to complete. They will then
stamp it and give you a copy, which you will have to
show to the Consular section of the Embassy if
you need a new passport. Your insurance company
will need to see the copy if you are making a claim to them.

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This information is only a brief summary of some
of the legal ins and outs of visiting Italy. It is not
exhaustive in it’s scope however, and while every
effort has been made to provide accurate
information, neither RomeLife Website, the Consular
Section of the British Embassy, Rome nor HMG
can accept responsibility for any errors or for
any problems arising from its use.


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